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VetActiv8 Brain Fuel 250ml

VETACTIV8 Brain Fuel

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are fatty acids that are easy to process due to their shorter chain lengths. The advantage of having shorter chains is that these triglycerides can go straight to the liver for processing. The liver is where the fat in your dog’s body is converted directly into ketones that the body and brain use for fuel. Studies show that MCT oil can serve as a brain-boosting fuel source, and can hinder the growth of strains of yeast and bacteria found in the mouth and on the skin. VetActiv8 Brain Fuel’s MCT Oil is extracted from GMO-Free coconuts, which are 100% certified organic.

Why Use:
  • To assist with brain activity for older dogs, or for creating alertness when training

  • To act as an energy boost for active dogs

  • For dental & oral hygiene

  • To increase metabolism to help overweight dogs

  • To improve skin conditions

  • To improve gut health and immunity


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