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At Riverina K9 Services, we offer dog training and a range of complementary pet therapies including nutritional advice for dogs and Canine Myotherapy and Massage.

We’ll empower and support you with practical strategies that will assist you in reaching your goals whatever they may be. We follow evidence-based guidelines, and take an integrated approach towards your pet’s overall mind and body health.

We believe clear communication and trust between pets and their humans is necessary for both to enjoy a strong and healthy relationship.

Caring for a companion animal can be an incredibly rewarding experience. We all have a different learning journey to go on with our pets, and the support and guidance we provide will give you peace of mind when it comes to meeting their needs in the right way.

I am passionate about supporting pets and their Guardians to realise their true potential as a team, reach their goals and enjoy a rewarding relationship together. I really love being a part of that journey and ending up as a spectator watching the magic that unfolds.

Racheal Romeo
Owner and Head Dog Trainer, Riverina K9 Services.

At Riverina K9 Services, we offer canine services where your dogs state of mind, well-being and health are prioritised.

Our Services include:

Customized Dog Training and Behaviour Consultation
Canine Nutrition Consultation
Online Dog Training Programs
Canine Myotherapy, Massage and various bodywork

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