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Even the most committed dog guardian can benefit from professional dog training and instruction. Loving our dogs doesn’t necessarily mean we have all the tools to be the Guardians our dogs truly need, and unfortunately even with the best intentions sometimes we can do more harm than good. Rather than guessing, or applying incorrect techniques with bad timing, professional dog training will give you a structured program tailored to helping you reach your goals efficiently with your dog.

Two words : straight away!

Training can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. We can even offer services where we begin consulting and mentoring you before you bring your puppy home as part of your responsible preparation. No need to wing it or feel lost on what is best to do and not to do with your new puppy. We can also start one on one in-home training, online consultation or begin after you have finished puppy school. Moral of the story is the earlier the better as the critical development window that occurs between 8-16 weeks has a massive impact on how your dog will go on to view the world, interact, cope and act as an adolescent and adult dog out in the world. Getting the right foundations can set your puppy up for positive behaviour as an adult dog. Take a look at what we can provide in our puppy and beginner programs

We are currently in the process of building a Dog training facility in Griffith which will accommodate puppy pre-school classes weekly in our large indoor training area. We are passionate about educating Guardians about the important stages of critical development that occur when a puppy first comes into their lives. We are looking forward to having a purpose-built space to nurture and support Griffith’s future puppies. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to speed with our progress. We currently coach puppies and their guardians one-on-one supporting the development of a great relationship and basic but important skills. See more about our puppy and beginner programs.

Yes! Any dog of any age can benefit from training and learning new skills. Working with older dogs can be very enriching for them in their senior years. There are no age limits when it comes to older dogs training with us

Ultimately the individual dog and owner will indicate what will work best for them and will give them the best chance of success. This is precisely why our initial evaluation is a very important part of our process in gaining insight into what will work best for each individual dog. We use a positive-first balanced approach within our training practice. We focus and promote the power of positive reinforcement within dog training as a means of building the best relationship possible between owners and their dogs.

We focus on reinforcing what we want the dog to do and are mindful of the correct application of a least intrusive and minimally aversive strategy. As much choice and control is left in the dogs hands as realistically possible during training. We deeply respect each individual animal’s nature, preferences, abilities and needs throughout the training process.

This varies from client to client, and dog to dog. We can book in sessions on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and can work around your availability and schedule. The number and frequency of sessions will depend on the skills and behaviours we’re working with, the goals we’re aiming to achieve and your level of motivation. Our programs are designed so you will have ‘homework’ tasks to complete in between each session, and progress must be demonstrated before you progress to the next step with your dog.

Our programs are flexible so that you complete them at a pace both you and your dog are comfortable with, which is important when implementing change, making solid progress and, most importantly, having fun! We provide support the whole way and can always easily set-up a rehash session or go over the content of a past session so you never feel stuck or that you aren’t progressing.

They sure can. We love having kids and young people along to the sessions, especially as it also helps them learn about how to treat and train dogs. Teaching the next generation about responsible Guardianship of animals is something we are super passionate about. We do however ask that any children present be under the supervision of an adult during the session and that the person handling the dog be 18+ years of age. See more about our terms and conditions.
That’s fine, however we would appreciate you letting us know 48 hours beforehand so we are able to reschedule with you and give someone else this working spot. See our terms and conditions on our cancellation and postponement policy.
We sure can. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a multitude of training at different levels and for different purposes. Whether it be for basic sports, in-home manners, complex skills or you just want to learn some cool tricks to show off… we’ve got you covered ☺ If for any reason we feel you may gain more from a referral to a different trainer or pet professional we are happy to do this too.
Rather than talking about dog ‘owners’ we talk about dog guardians. We believe pets are a part of the family, rather than a piece of property. When we talk about dog guardians, we mean the human who is responsible for caring for the dog. There’s a whole debate out there about the legal implications of the terms ‘owner’ and ‘guardian’. For our purposes we use ‘guardian’ to more accurately represent the positive relationship between responsible humans and their well cared for dogs.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and a genuine commitment. Whilst there are many benefits, when people don’t have a great understanding of what comes with raising a pet, sadly it can often end with the animals needs not correctly being met. If you’re interested in bringing a new dog into your home, we suggest you consider:

  • What breeds would most suit your lifestyle and family?
  • How to locate an ethical breeder and what things do you ask?
  • Should you adopt a dog from a rescue organization or purchase from a breeder?
  • How much time do you have available for a new pet?
  • What is your home environment like – do you have a secure backyard, room for a pet, puppy-proofing etc?
  • Are you prepared to commit to training and exercising your dog?
  • What is my weekly budget for food and general costs?
  • Where can I take my pet for training and Vet care?
  • If I’m going away, who will care for my pet in my absence?
  • What are some good books to read, podcasts to listen to or videos to watch about caring for a dog?

We are happy to meet with you to discuss these considerations, and if you decide to progress, we will do our best to ensure you feel prepared for the arrival of your new pet. Find out more about our services.

When a dog is displaying problem behaviour, it’s a common idea that they are lonely and need a friend. However, bringing a new dog in at this point is often not the best decision if there is already an issue with communication – you could end up with double trouble and two dogs exhibiting nuisance behaviours. Ideally you need to address any existing issues before introducing a new family pet, especially as another dog will mean more costs, time and effort on your behalf. There are many ways to biologically fulfill and socialise your dog, get in touch and we can assess your pet and assist you.

Asking this question is the first and most important step in the right direction. There are so many factors we can’t control in the lives of our pets, but we can control what they eat and support their mobility in multiple ways. We are qualified to consult on pet nutrition, and can work with you to create a tailored meal plan with guidelines around canine exercise to help your dog back to a healthy body condition. We also suggest you might first visit the vet for a check-up to rule out any underlying health issues that may be contributing.

This means that the food or meal is balanced according to specific guidelines set by a regulatory body. We balance our meal plans and formulations on recommended allowance guidelines set by the National Research Council (NRC) so you know your pet is getting everything that they need to thrive from a fresh wholefoods-based diet that is species appropriate – the science is behind it!

No, this is an absolute myth. A balanced diet with good quality raw proteins can be very beneficial for your dog and improve their behaviour and health overall. If your dog becomes slightly tense or displays aggressive behaviours around food you may be dealing with a resource guarding issue. See how we can help with behavioural modification consultation

Yes! Often when dogs are demonstrating problem or nuisance behaviours, there’s a reason for it. Our initial in person or online consultation with you and your pet will be a chance for us to assess the big picture and all the factors that may be affecting their behaviour. We’ll come up with a realistic plan and strategy to help address those behaviours, and assist you and your dog to efficiently get back to enjoying each other again.

It’s natural to feel like you’re failing when your dog isn’t behaving to the standard you desire or expect, but you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. At Riverina K9 Services we are a judgment-free zone. We’ve helped plenty of dog owners over the years who were trying their best but still not finding the success they were after. We’ll work with you to identify what is required, and set up a solution-focused approach to get you and your pet where you want to be.
Absolutely! We are more than happy to provide you a fully confidential service, should you require. We’re aware there can be sensitivities when it comes to asking for help with your pet, and we are a judgment-free zone. We applaud anyone who reaches out to make positive changes, and it is not our place to assign blame. Instead, we’ll look at the facts of the situation and provide the most ethical and productive advice we can.

Dog trainers and animal health practitioners are not magicians. We can’t work miracles overnight. However, we do believe all pets have the potential to improve their health and behaviour with the right support and encouragement around them. Ultimately, their improvement is directly linked to your willingness to commit and be consistent: if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll reap the rewards. We’ll give you plenty of help, assistance, encouragement and guidance along the way.

Racheal, our Owner and head dog trainer is qualified in various modalities. Find out more about her qualifications here.

We are not a veterinary or medical service. We do however refer to veterinary services when we think a dog’s health needs further assessment, and we’re always happy to work in partnership with veterinarians for a fully-integrated approach to your dog’s needs. We believe allopathic medical care has just as much an important place in your pets lives as our training, behavioural advice and other allied health specialties do.

Our pricing reflects the quality of the service you get from us. We believe the benefits of giving your pet the best possible life are absolutely worth the investment, and the most cost-effective way to do this is to start working with a professional while your pet is young or when any symptoms first may be noticed. Check out our services or get in touch so we can provide you with a formal quotation.

We accept:

  • Direct deposit payments
  • Payment plans for dog training or conditioning programs

We’re based in the beautiful town of Griffith in the Riverina, New South Wales. We work with dog guardians in person across the region, and will travel anywhere up to 2.5 hours from Griffith where travel costs apply.

Yes we do! We can provide consultations by telephone and video conferencing, so that people can still access our help even when social distancing, staying at home, or living long distances away. While virtual consultations can be limiting in some ways, they’re a great way to make progress when an in-person meet-up isn’t possible. If we feel the situation or behaviours you’re dealing with need to be dealt with in person, we’ll let you know, however most things can be conducted remotely if needed.

We follow a tried and tested process when working with new clients, which ties-in with our integrated approach to support pets and their guardians.
  1. After receiving your enquiry, we’ll send you a questionnaire via email to complete, this will give us the background info to inform the services you may need.
  2. We’ll book in for the initial ‘Meet and Greet’ in home visit or online consultation, where we will collect the information required and look at any issues you have been facing, gauging the assistance and support you may require from us to meet your goals.
For Training, Canine Myotherapy and Nutrition services, we then take the following steps:
  1. With your go ahead, we’ll write up our Evaluation, detailing recommendations and an individual training or treatment plan according to your needs. Check out what’s included in this evaluation.
  2. Enrol with us and book in your first consultation or session.
  3. Training or treatment begins, and we start to help you and your animal enjoy the benefits of our services.

Get in touch via the enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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