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Meet some of our happy dogs and their humans


Alicia and her dogs Duffy & Lexi

"Would highly recommend Riverina K9 services. I recently completed the online puppy training program and found it excellent- broken down in manageable portions with easy to follow exercises. I would recommend springing for the option which includes in person sessions. Rachael is very knowledgeable and so good at troubleshooting and tweaking the exercises to suit your pets which required"



"I highly recommend getting a diet check analysis done for your dog. Racheal’s report was a comprehensive science-based analysis, which also showed me how I could improve the beagle’s existing diet by a range of small modifications and additions. Furthermore, things didn’t just stop with the diet report. Racheal continues to provide quick turn around with helpful and informative answers to any questions and comments I email her. I am learning a lot. This small investment now is a great investment for the future health and well-being of my girls, preparing their meals is more interesting for me, and no doubt they are enjoying a greater diversity of smell and taste sensations. Thank you Racheal"

Elle & her dog Abby

"Rach has an incredible wealth of knowledge on all things dog behaviour, training, nutrition and more! She is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering dog owners to build a wonderful relationship with their pooch🐾 we have loved her online basics training course- so much brilliant info, easy to follow and put into practice with our wild girl✨ Would 100% recommend Rach and her courses!"

Zelma & her dog Bonny

"Thank you Racheal for your friendly, professional training. It's been terrific to see an immediate improvement in Bonny's skills.

Manuela & her dog Sunny

"I am currently undertaking the Basics Obedience Program and have found it to be very informative and helpful"

Gemma & her Shetland Sheepdog Charlie

“We have just finished our puppy training with Racheal. She has been so helpful in training our puppy in becoming more sociable, confident, obedient and learning how to walk on the lead. She definitely goes above and beyond. I can’t recommend her more highly. There is no one I know that is more passionate about taking care of your dog as Racheal is!”


Liz and her dogs Coco & Daphne

"Great to have an expert to kick things off and give the Beagles an idea of how it works! Also Racheal's positive encouragement to both the dogs and human is therapeutic and much appreciated! I loved the moments of engagement and already have a taste of how this increased engagement will enrich our lives together. Thankyou!

Lynda & her dog Tommy

"Thank you Rachael You have made this course easy to understand and work through. So convenient to be able to do at our own pace that fits in with our busy lives. Your knowledge and information that you share willingly is amazing. You went out of your way to help us with our Tommy and we are very grateful."

Lama & her dog Zelda

"I highly recommend Rachael. She is professional and caring. Zelda is our first pet and Racheal made welcoming Zelda into our family easy and comfortable. Racheal responded promptly to all our queries. Thanks for your great training of Zelda"

Natalie & her dog Zahli

"I will be forever grateful for the skills that I have learnt from Rach at Riverina K9 Services. With the training techniques I have learnt my dog no longer jumps over visitors and I can now walk my dog without her pulling. I would highly recommend Riverina K9 Services. With their expert knowledge they have helped me form such a close bond with my dog."

Lisa & her Collie X Maggie

“I couldn’t recommend Racheal and her services enough when going away! It’s great that my very energetic Kelpie x Collie can stay in familiar surroundings and yard space while we’re not there, and gets visits from Rachael for feeds, walks, playtime and the same level of genuine love and attention we would normally give her. An added bonus is always getting photos of a very happy dog as an update. Thanks Racheal!

Celinea & her dog Arlo

"I was recommended to Rachael by my vet to help with my dogs anxiety. Rachael built a program specific to Arlo’s needs with realistic goals for him to achieve weekly. All tasks were set with Arlo’s abilities in mind and without putting to much stress on his current capabilities. Since training with Rachael, Arlo has gained more confidence and is a much happier and calmer little dude. Thank you Rachael for giving both myself & Arlo the tools to continue facing new challenges 😊"

Verona and her Spoodle Honey

“Riverina K9 Services was the best thing we ever did for our puppy. We initially were going out of our mind - not understanding what she needed or wanted. Racheal worked with us to build our relationship and communication with our dog which improved her behaviors out of sight. She was always willing and able to help when issues popped up outside our regular sessions too. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Brooke and her Staffy Jagger

“Racheal is so knowledgeable, professional, friendly and caring of everyone’s different needs and wants for their pets. Could not recommend her highly enough!”

Mick & his Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jax

“Rach has been amazing to help my boy Jax with some issues. We have got amazing results in such a short amount of time! Rach has provided me with some great techniques and skills.”

Ann & her dog Pluto

“We needed help with our excitable giant of a dog to teach him impulse control. The training we got was invaluable and I have to say we now have a better relationship with our furry family member. I highly recommend this service!”

Amy & her dog Teeko.

“Racheal took wonderful care of our beautiful girl Teeko while we were away. Racheal's experience and genuine love showed through from our first meeting. It was reassuring to receive updates when Racheal visited. We could see how happy and relaxed our girl was while we were not there. We highly recommend her services and will most definitely be using her services again.”

Judith and her dog Cindy

“Racheal’s individual training classes are excellent! They are packed with so much information for not only our fur babies but also for us, their guardians! It's not only great for socialisation, but also to instil obedience training and confidence in both you and your pup. The Training helped equip me with all the skills I need to ensure my pup gets the best training and the confidence it needs for a happy and stress-free life, specific to her breed. Racheal is super friendly and knowledgeable and provided me with a wealth of information each week. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. Both Cindy and I loved her classes”

Monique with her German Shepherd Ace

“Racheal has helped us work on problem areas with fantastic results. Throughout the program we were totally supported by Racheal and were provided with constant feedback. The program was flexible to cater for Ace's individual progress to help maximise results. We would recommend Riverina K9 Services to anyone - it has been such a rewarding and productive experience!”

Andrea and her Australian Cattle Dog X Tilly

“I couldn’t have met a better person for my dog than Racheal. She helped my dog Tilly so much and set me and her out on a journey for a healthy dog life. Tilly’s right front leg was paralysed in an accident and Racheal provided Myotherapy and massage. Her evaluation gave me a ‘bible’ for Tilly regarding training, exercise and nutrition recommendations. I can’t thank you enough Rach for your care, knowledge, your skills and all the effort you put into these beautiful creatures.”

Michelle and her Labradoodle Harley

“Racheal’s qualifications, dedication and passion speak for themselves. Her love of animals and working with them to achieve the best outcomes for responsible pet ownership in our opinion is remarkable”

Danielle & her Boxer Indie

“We found Racheal to be extremely knowledgeable and interesting, with a clear passion for animals. As a result of her instruction we gained huge insights into our dog’s behaviour and learnt to develop more direct communication. We had many small miracles occur during our training program however the most notable is that Indie has matured into a calmer dog. Looking back, my husband and I can’t believe we ever debated the costs of training. We can honestly say that it’s the most worthwhile investment a person could make in their pet.”

Claudia and her cat Puma

“I just wanted to take some time to say Thank you for looking after my diabetic cat, while I was away. I heard so many good things about you beforehand, but it just blew me away how great my cat was, when I got home. He was relaxed and happy and his coat was very shiny too. Thank you so much for the tip with the special brush, he really loves it. But it was not just the feeding, the proper administration of the medication and playing with him, you also made sure the house is well ventilated and cool. I am more than happy with everything you did, my cat couldn’t have met a more caring pet sitter. Thank you”

Jan & Boston

“Racheal, Thank you so much for your help, advice and encouragement over the past weeks. We have both enjoyed the training and have learnt heaps. We both appreciate being able to get out and about and enjoy our walks with confidence. Thankyou!”

Tahlia and Leo

“Racheal, thankyou so much for everything you have done for us. You went above and beyond for us and we will never forget you. You changed our life for the better and we are so grateful to have met you”

Carlie and her dog Honey

“Dear Racheal, Thankyou so much for all the work you have done helping our dog and moulding us as responsible Owners. We immediately trusted you and your pedagogy and you never let us down. You were always available and willing when we needed you. Our dog would not be half the dog she is becoming without your guidance, wisdom and love. Originally as Owners we were dumbfounded and unsure – but now we are confident in reading and communicating with her.”

Merryl and her dog Spud

“The service and support Racheal provides for pets and Owners is exemplary. Her knowledge and all aspects of training and education of our beloved pets makes our job as Owners much easier, Thank you from our family!”

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