Evaluations & Recommendations

We’re here to help you and your pet.

Just as every person is special in their own way, so is every pet.
At Riverina K9 Services, we pride ourselves on our professional approach and customised advice for each individual pet – we will assess your situation and provide you with the right level of education and support. Our solution-focused approach and advice will give you confidence to successfully communicate with your pet and meet their needs.

Assisting your pet means we have to look at everything from a few different angles. As well as an effective training strategy, it’s very important we get all the other fundamental areas of your pet’s life functioning well too – lifestyle, health, diet, exercise, communication, relationships and environment all play a big part in their wellbeing.

It goes without saying every pet and guardian should enjoy a rewarding relationship together, and we strive to empower through education, support and assistance where required.

The first part of working with us is the evaluation and recommendation process.

Meet and Greet

We’ll come to your home or we can conduct a virtual meeting online. This gives us a chance to gather all the information we need to provide our recommendations and tailored advice.
This consult may include:
It will also give us the chance to discuss with you:

Our Recommendations

After this appointment, we’ll compile a written evaluation detailing our assessment and recommendations. Depending on the services requested, this may include some of the following information:
The written evaluation will give you an overview of your pet’s current situation, skill level, why certain things are happening, how things might be improved, and advice on the next steps we can take together when you’re ready to get started.

Ready to help your pet reach their full potential?