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Riverina K9 Academy Training Facility

We will soon be offering a range of group training options that comprise of in-person classes at our training facility running alongside our well-established training programs targeted towards puppy, juvenile, adolescent and adult age groups. These classes and programs have been created to suite a highly supported approach towards learning for dogs of all age groups and skill levels. We offer affordable package options as well as ongoing training support as your dog progresses through our ascension structure.


Instant access Dog Training Courses FOR EVERYONE!

We offer training courses that are a combination of online learning and in-person or virtual training lessons. These programs cater for dogs of all ages and skills levels. Ranging from foundations through to intermediate skills.

Customised Training Programs

We whole-heartedly believe every dog has the potential to be an amazing and much-loved member of your family. Successful training and conditioning results in a fulfilling lifelong relationship, bond, and level of trust with your dog. We can provide customized training programs, conducted at your home or in another suitable environment. Whether training a new puppy or taking your dog’s skills to the next level, we’ll help you achieve rewarding results

Pet Nutrition

As with humans, the correct diet and food choices can make a world of difference to pets. An animal’s diet is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to their health, happiness and overall quality of life. We can advise on the best commercial products or balanced customised meal plans suitable to your animal, with guidance and support the whole way.

Canine Myotherapy & Massage

Is your dog’s health and performance not what it used to be? If your dog is suffering from anxiety or illness, recovering from surgery or dealing with the stresses and strains of old age or over-exertion, Canine Myotherapy and Massage can help them get back into optimum condition, increase mobility and improve their quality of life dramatically.

Behaviour Consultation

We believe in an integrated approach when it comes to supporting positive change in a dogs behaviour. We’ll work with you to try and understand the underlying issues, and create a guided solution-focused approach to help you get back to enjoying a positive relationship with your dog sooner.

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