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Canine Myotherapy & Massage

Hands-on Canine Myotherapy & Massage treatment to help your dog

Our canine myotherapy and massage treatments can help improve your dog’s physical condition, whether they’re recovering from surgery, living with an illness, getting on in years or dealing with the strains of high intensity work and sport.
Canine Myotherapy & Massage Treatment, Image of dogs playing
We offer non-invasive physical treatments, which can improve and maintain your dog’s health and wellbeing. These treatments can be used to relieve the symptoms associated with existing injury or illness, and are also a great preventative measure in maintaining your dog’s optimum conditioning and mobility.

What is Canine Myotherapy Treatment and Massage?

Canine Myotherapy Treatment is a form of non-invasive physical therapy for dogs. It treats dysfunction and imbalance in the musculo-skeletal system, reducing overall stress in the body and re-establishes optimum function and balance.
During treatment, the layers of skin, fascia and muscle are manipulated using massage and stretching, to provide release and support the body’s natural ability to heal, recover and rebalance on its own. We can also provide body conditioning and strengthening exercises to assist with recovery and mobility.

What are the benefits of Canine Myotherapy Treatment and massage?

Imbalance within the body can have a knock-on effect to all of its systems – Myotherapy supports the body back towards a balanced state.
This treatment can assist in the recovery process from certain:
  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Trauma
  • Physical Injury
  • Surgery
  • Strain
  • Age related pain
  • Sport or Work demands
Dog on massage table after myotherapy & massage treatment

Our treatments

At Riverina K9 Services, we’re able to offer treatments including canine myotherapy and massage, dry-needling, and stability and balance conditioning exercises. Our full list of physical therapy services includes:
  • Myofascial release
  • Sports massage and stretching
  • Palliative care massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Dry needling
  • Photonic and Red Light Therapy
  • Soft tissue diagnosis
  • Gait dysfunction analysis
  • Post injury and surgery recovery
  • Relaxation and puppy massage
  • Therapeutic exercise and conditioning exercise
In our initial consultation with you, we’ll discuss your dog’s current situation, health and history to understand the full picture of their requirements.

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