Riverina K9

Our Mission & Values

Educate, Empower, Support.

At Riverina K9 Services, we’re passionate about responsible animal care and empowering great relationships between Pets and their Guardians.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing reliable and ethical guidance surrounding the ownership of companion animals, working with pet guardians to provide professional training, advice and continued support.
We believe that by empowering guardians through education, safe methods, appropriate techniques, and creating clear communication channels we can support the public and their pets to live happy, healthy lives together in harmony.
We want to help improve the overall welfare of pets in our community, through education about the importance of mind and body health, responsible ownership, learning around bite prevention and pet safety around children, as well as helping decrease the number of animals who are surrendered or euthanized due to mismanaged behaviour.

Our values

As a family-run business with a solid foundation in our local community, we value honesty, integrity and compassion in our work. We have a commitment to the animals and guardians we work with, and believe in the importance of respectful communication, personal growth and teamwork.
We take a holistic approach to the physical and emotional wellbeing of companion animals. We also operate our business in a way which is environmentally friendly and sustainable.