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Natural Animal Solutions High Potency Vitamin C for Cats & Dogs 100gm


During periods in your pet’s life when they suffer illness, a dysfunctional immune system, inadequate diet, allergies, increased physical exertion or lactating periods it may be necessary to add in a high quality Vitamin C supplement to maintain optimal health.  High Potency Vitamin C is the most complex Vitamin C formulation available in the Pet Market. It’s a great tasting, mega-complex supplement containing multiple variants of Vitamin C which have been blended together to provide a huge range of benefits without the usual side effects. High Potency Vitamin C can support skin, joints, allergies, the respiratory system and the bowel whilst providing the best in immune response and anti-oxidant support. Resveratrol combined with alpha lipoic acid further adds to the anti-oxidant effect of High Potency Vitamin C.

Natural Animal Solutions have created a high potency Vitamin C formula which is suitable for daily use. It supports your pet’s respiratory system as well as promoting healthy skin, strong joints and bowel function. Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and can ward off other unpleasant illnesses so your dog can stay healthy. This particular formula has been pH adjusted so it can be tolerated well by animals, particularly those with sensitivities. It tastes pleasant and doesn’t contain any fructose or sugars.

Ingredients*: Ascorbic acid, Calcium ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbate, Sodium ascorbate, Zinc ascorbate, Alpha lipoic acid, Polygonum cuspidatum (resveratrol), Citrus bioflavanoids extract, Rutin, Hesperidin, Quercetin.

*List of ingredients is not exhaustive. Should you have any queries regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.

Small dog/cats: 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon daily.
Medium Dogs: 1/2 teaspoon daily
Large Dogs: 1 level teaspoon daily
Horses: 1-2 tablespoons.

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