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Natural Animal Solutions Calcium Supplement for Cats & Dogs 200gm

Calcium deficiencies are still a common occurrence in companion animals, despite the claim by many pet foods that their diets are “complete”. Since Calcium is the foundation block for building strong teeth and bones, you must ensure that your pet is receiving an adequate intake of bio-available calcium when they are young and growing rapidly.

Natural Animal Solutions are proud to bring you one of the only 100% certified organic bio-available calcium products available in the Pet Market, ideal for supporting bone growth.  Nature’s Organic Calcium is an organic plant based calcium containing naturally-available zinc, magnesium, boron, iron and other essential nutrients. This high-potency low-dosage formula is easy to supplement for all animals, allows for rapid absorption and is highly cost-effective, with a dose 8 x less than many other products available in the Pet Market

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