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Let’s get moving

Dogs are known for their exuberant energy and love of life. It’s one of the reasons they make such wonderful companions and family members.
More than just a chance for fun and play, exercise is essential for your dog for many reasons, including:
  • Improving mental health Just as it is in humans, regular exercise is linked with better mental health in dogs, and has been shown to reduce anxiety, making for a calmer companion at home.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight: Exercise means your dog is more likely to be a healthy weight, and contributes to their overall health – meaning a longer and healthier life for your beloved pet.
  • Looking after joints: Healthy dogs need healthy joints, and exercise can contribute by lubricating joints and strengthening the supporting muscles.
  • Behaviour and bonding: Exercise is a great opportunity for you and your pet to train and bond, and is shown to improve their behaviour at home, reducing nuisance behaviour.
  • Socialisation: Dogs are social creatures, and exercise is a fantastic way to get them out in different environments, encouraging positive exposure to various stimuli.
  • Mental stimulation: More than just physical exertion, the right exercise can provide your dog with opportunities to stimulate their mind and learn new things.

Things to consider when exercising your dog

  • Young dogs: Most puppies have a lot of energy, but not a lot of stamina, and recovery breaks are important. As they are still growing, high impact activities need to be strictly limited until they are fully mature.Exercise with younger dogs is more about exposing them positively to the big outside world which might mean new things, sounds, sights and smells.
  • Older dogs: Sometimes older dogs have the will, but their bodies can’t keep up. It’s important to have regular health check-ups to make sure activity levels are suitable for your dog.
  • Breed: Some breeds naturally have different energy profiles, whereas others are quite happy with a slow walk around the block and a few simple games in your backyard. Different breeds may enjoy varied activities that stimulate them on an instinctual level according to their genetics.
  • Yourself: Perhaps you work long hours, are physically limited or extremely time poor. Even with the best intentions, we can’t always be available to give our dog the exercise they need.

At Riverina K9 Services we offer dog walking and exercise service for graduates and ongoing students, which tailors exercise to your dog according to their needs, while also fitting in with your busy schedule.

Our services can be an ongoing solution or a temporary fix as required.
We will fit in with your schedule and lifestyle, and can even pick-up and drop-off pets from your home while you’re out. You can also rest assured your dog is in the safest possible hands – our trainer Racheal is fully insured, CPR and First Aid qualified, and an accredited dog trainer and handler.

Our Dog Walking and Exercise Service

Initially, we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire, and then we’ll discuss your dog’s exercise needs, and finally provide a quote based on your requirements.

  • We can provide a tailored and balanced exercise program for your dog.
  • We can take your dog out for exercise and play, or can provide suitable activities in your own backyard.
  • Out and about we offer dog exercise options including walking, jogging, canicross, drysledding and urban agility.
  • We can provide daily or weekly reports on your dog’s sessions, and can share a virtual dog walking map so you can see exactly where we’ve been with some happy snaps along the way.
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Photo credit: Rogue Paws Photography

For graduates and ongoing students we offer a ‘Walk & Train’ service where we are able to combine exercise and training in the same session, giving your dog a chance to practice or rehash their training skills while burning off energy with a handler they a very familiar with.

Ready to help your pet reach their full potential?