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Personalised Dog Training Solutions That Meet You Where Your At


When Board & Train or Group Classes Just Don’t Cut It Personalised Dog Training Solutions are Your Go To!


When looking for the right entry level service, dog training solution or an approach that will provide the best initial way to kick things off you may be faced with an array of options. Some you may have heard of in passing, seen advertised or been recommended to by others. It’s all too common for people to get quite confused or even misinformed opting for a hit or miss attitude. So let’s shed some light on how to navigate the market with your dog’s best interests at heart as you seek out personalised dog training solutions. Doggy- day care, board and train services or group obedience classes are generally a go-to option, I’ll go as far to say even an expectation for most pet parents. The thought process goes something like – “The trainers will do the work for me, and my dog will come back a changed pet after their holiday” or “I’ll take my dog to a group class and they will enjoy being social with other dogs – it will fix their over-the-top behaviour, they just need a bit of socialisation”. The truth is these situations are generally not a great fit at all when we are first working on behavioural modification or with a dog that needs to initially develop a foundation of appropriate behaviours and self-control before being put in a higher pressure, distracting or social environment that may be well beyond their current limitations and skill set. It is important to evaluate the individual needs of your dog as well as defining where their skills currently sit when settling on a training service that will provide you the most efficient and successful route, so you are moving towards resolution on all fronts as opposed to time and money wasting or worse yet creating other issues as you go.



When it comes to training our canine companions, many of us find ourselves in a difficult quandary. Traditional options such as day-care, board and train or group classes although easily accessible often aren’t the best start to providing a comprehensive solution to problem areas you want to target within your dog skills or behaviour. There are a wide spectrum of issues that can be difficult to adequately address in the proper format when your dog is put in an unfamiliar space with individuals they don’t know, and worse yet in situation that is just plain overwhelming or extremely novel to them – A melting pot of flooding, negative stress, confusion, panic and anxiety are not really conducive to learning I’m afraid. This is because an individual and realistic training approach when working with any dog is absolutely necessary!

Let’s discuss how a tailored personalised dog training approach will meet the individual needs of your dog and yourself as opposed to fitting into a cookie-cutter board and train or group classes. Your initial training route is crucial for your overall success making things as easy and simple for your dog to get started and work on whatever foundation is required moving towards your goals. This is as opposed to being chucked in the deep end with a sink or swim attitude towards their willingness or basic ability to participate. Always be on the lookout for a quality training recommendation over a convenient one!



Looking for a Trainer or Behaviour Consultant that will provide in-home training and site-specific tuition may well be the best solution for both you and your dog given your current situation. Within this type of service a trainer can give you personalised dog training solutions, while supporting yourself and your dog environmentally which is generally the best place to begin a positive association with training – in spaces where things are most familiar like the home or where the problems may have initially started. This can help reduce overall stress on your dog and nurture the learning process, as they will feel safer and completely advocated for. With a trainer that comes to you, you are also getting targeted and personalised advice specific to your exact situation. In contrast with board and train scenarios or group training this personalised aspect just can’t be equalled or paralleled. A comprehensive approach to training on a personalised level goes far beyond what other services can offer, in that the process centres around the dog and human working together where the skills or behaviour modification is required. The dog can then easily learn, train, proof and generalise their skills or behaviours in a stepping stone approach and work successively towards any goals you may have. This type of training support is focused and specific according to a progressive criteria where you have the undivided attention of a professional to work at your own pace.



A trainer that comes to you providing individual tuition can provide many valuable benefits that are not available through other kennel-based programs or a group formats. A private, one-on-one relationship with a professional trainer can help to address specific issues that may be more difficult (if not impossible) to tackle in a large group setting or when the owner themselves is not present. Fear-based behaviours and forms of reactivity, aggression, anxiety, overarousal, relationship-based issues, house manners, toilet training and a range of other things specific to the home or a stimulus may not have relevance within board and train or group training scenarios without a proper foundation or introductory levels of skills in place first.

Locating a trainer that can work with you and your dog in your own home or other applicable spaces, allows for an training environment that is comfortable and secure supporting you to work as a proactive team, rather than just dealing with what someone can offer you. Mobile dog trainers are also able to assess your living situation, helping to identify and provide tailored advice to address things on the spot. They can merge in-home and public training easily due to their flexible and individual approach with ongoing maintenance support.

A targeted training services is a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog and teach them the skills they will need whilst also giving yourself the time to learn and adapt. Personalised dog training solutions generally do a great job at helping you understand your dog’s unique needs, while giving them the exclusive attention they require. With this type of support you can easily bridge relationship gaps between you and your dog, gain a better understanding of how to successfully communicate with them, and create a positive learning experience which may open up other training avenues in the future.

A dog trainer that provides individualised advice will also help you create a plan for overall success, delivering additional advice and support for the long-term. This ensures that you can maintain the progress made and continue to see positive changes in your dog’s behaviors in the future as you plan and set new goals.



Selecting the right dog training support for your dog at face value may seem challenging or somewhat overwhelming. Fortunately, with the right guidance and level of education, you can make the best decision for you and your dog. If you are interested on my thoughts on how to find the most qualified professional service checkout our blog article on ‘Top tips on finding a qualified Trainer’ or you can checkout a quick video we put together explaining this very topic.

When it comes to finding the right initial dog training solution, there may be far more suitable options to consider beyond classes and kennel-based services you may initially gravitate towards out of convenience. Private lessons in your dog’s normal range of environments and online interactive coach-led programs can be a very viable options in terms of personalised dog training solutions. These may better suite the needs of your dog and your lifestyle when building a foundation or working through some behavioural issues. This is so you can meet your dog where they are currently at or better yet target a solution where it is needed most – ‘at home’ or in your presence. Each option comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to consider the purpose of the training and choose an approach that works best for your dog as a starting point, not so much where you want to end up as once you get going the world is your oyster. Rest assured good things will come in time with a consistent and patient approach.



We provide support from the ground up with behavioural assessments and in-home or virtual coach-led training. We also provide programs within our online academy that offer something for every age and skill level no matter your goals. Come visit us today!

Out state of the art training facility is opening this year and we are super pumped to offer a range of training options for those in close proximity to us, whilst still proudly offering mobile training services where we come to you to provide comprehensive and structured training services. For a bit more information about what will be on offer very soon head to our  Riverina K9 Training Academy page for more information.

Please get in touch with us directly if we can assist you with any of your training or behavioural needs!

Racheal Romeo is the Owner and Head Trainer of Riverina K9 Services

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